Why to use our system?

Our system it's very cheap and has no additional fees.

Control any device in your home like outlets, power consumption.
Read sensors data, like temperature, humidity, light etc.
Build a smoke and motion detection system
Make your Smart Home password protected

Make your life easier with our free software and low-price hardware. With no ads and not monthly fee you can control everything you can image like lights, heating/cooling, food for pets, water and many more by gestures, voice commands or simple by your mobile from all over the world.


Smart Home Automation

Main features of our system

This is a stand alone system. That means no monthly fee for a cloud connection, because your cloud (server) will be in your house. You can set a password, when you want your system to be available online or you can make it local. OTA updates are also available.

The bluetooth enabled hardware will make your system more snappy than internet connected device.


And that's not all

You can control your:

- pet food and water.

- reptile and fish tanks

- solariums for plants

- heat and AC sistems

The limit it's only your imagination.


Here are all of our applications.

Please feel free to download any of them from play store. They are all free and have no ads.

Smart Home WiFi

Your server in your home. No monthly fees.

Smart Home Bluetooth

Control your appliances over bluetooth.

Smart Mirror

Use our free app to make yourself a photo booth.


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